RYT 500 Yoga Alliance

BA Women's & Gender Studies

MA Sustainable Communities


About Me

When I began doing yoga at 16, I experienced a huge transformation in how I thought about myself. In times slowing down, breathing, and pushing myself into new shapes in my body, I moved away from being centered on how I looked (if I was “beautiful” enough- a common women/femme concern we are socialized into), and into a space of how I felt and what I was experiencing. I learned how to tap into experiences of anxiety, joy, excitement, fear, etc. By connecting with myself, I also felt more equipped to connect with others. 


When I was 18, I did my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. This experience helped me move into leadership, and I also began facilitating/organizing environmental justice work. Now, informed by my 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training, and my masters degree in Sustainable Communities, I’m excited to facilitate spaces for healing and connecting. My relationship with the earth, cycles, seasons, and all life inspires me daily.


I’m committed to using an anti-colonial, anti-racist, queer lens in my life and work, and I know that I will always continue to learn and grow.


I’m grateful for my mentors and teachers: Steph Revering, Adi Shakti, Usha Anandi, Kim Curtis, and the earth.


I also enjoy organizing around climate/environmental justice, reading/writing poetry, being outside with my dog, healing with herbal medicine, growing/cooking food with my community, playing on aerial silks, and biking.



Sundays at Sunset

Valle, Az

In this outdoor, all-levels slow flow, we will wind down with the spectacular sunset in the desert. Contact me for time and location.

Mondays at Sunrise

Valle, Az

 In this outdoor, all-levels faster flow, we will build up the energy with the sun. Contact me for time and location.

Sacred Embodiment: Community Yoga for Love & Justice


7:30 to 8:30pm

Starts 9/3/19

Northern Arizona

Yoga Center

This weekly queer community class is open to all with a suggested donation of $5-20, proceeds benefitting migrant justice fundraising efforts. Please join us in creating an all gender, multi-generational, body positive space through a slow-flow style yoga class. We'll focus on breathing, balancing stillness and movement, as we cultivate a deep appreciation of our perfection just as we are while also challenging ourselves to foster resiliency and grow, together.  

* NAYC membership is NOT required to attend this class.

Earth-Based Flow/Level 1 & 2


4:15 to 5:15pm

Northern Arizona

Yoga Center

Each class will be centered around a plant as we honor and gather inspiration from the earth. This class is breath-centered and balances movement and stillness in an accessible slow flow. At the end of each class students are invited to join for a cup of tea made from the chosen plant for the week.


Get In Touch

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